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Tooth shaped cookies from the Tooth Fairy and Super Tooth from

September 18th, 2018

I made these cookies with my children and had a great time doing it. We call these cookies the Super Tooth cookies as resemble our Super Tooth character at The recipe is easy enough for kids to follow as it only has 6 ingredients. I let the kids decorate the cookies and have their imaginations go wild.

2 stick (1 cup/250 ml) Unsalted Butter Sticks
1 cup (250 ml) sugar
1 tbsp (15ml) Pure Vanilla Extract
¼ tsp (1ml) salt
1 egg
2 ½ cups (625 ml) All Purpose Flour

Mix the butter, sugar, vanilla and salt using electric mixer until smooth. Scrape down the sides of the bowl , add the egg and mix it again. Scrape down the sides again and add the flour. At this time knead dough by hand until smooth and forms a ball. If you need dust hands with flour.

Chill the dough for 25 minutes in the fridge. This will help to keep the dough easy to roll.

Dust the baking mat or parchment paper with flour. Place dough in the center, dust the top of dough with flour. Roll dough to about 1/4 –in. (5mm) thickness.

Shape using a Tooth shaped cookie cutter (or fairy cookie cutter) cut the dough. If you ran out of space, collect the remaining dough and roll the dough again. Repeat this until no more dough remains. Place the cut-out cookie dough onto a baking sheet.

Bake preheat oven to 350 °F (180 °C) and bake on middle rack until set, 10 to 12 minutes (depending on oven also). Let it cool completely before decorating.

Decorate using icing (home-made or store bought), coloured sugar, chocolate chips decorate the cookies. Don’t forget to use your imagination and make it unique! This recipe will make about 20 large tooth shaped cookies as the ones pictured.

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6 Tips On Sparking Your Child's Imagination To Get The Creative Juices Flowing

February 15th, 2018

Every kid that arrives into this world has a strong suit, and most definitely have a degree of imagination. What parents need to understand that imagination in children is incredibly import to stimulate. That is because when kids' imaginations are being stimulated, their creativity is strengthening which will help them not only learn- but to become excellent problem-solvers.

Having excellent problem-solving skills leads to common sense and life skills that kids will need as they grow and mature into adulthood. That said, parents must take care to hone and refine that important skill. You can help your child spark their imagination and develop their creativity by playing imaginative games like charades or Scrabble. You can offer them music lessons, and tell stories as well as be asking open-ended questions. These are just a few ways to spark your child's imagination. Let's look at other excellent ways to do that for your child:

1. Encouraging your child to count, sort and explore. The imaginations of children can be stimulated by giving them games and puzzles which are designed for them. If you encourage that they spend time with real materials, difficult concepts such as numbers, signs, and symbols can also be learned. In fact, education should be exciting and fun, and it is the responsibility of a parent to make sure your child is having fun while learning.

2. Reading to your child is crucial as well to help him or her spark that imagination. You don't only have to read to your child before bed. You can read to your child at any time of the day whether it is after school, or after dinner, or during the day on the weekend or on vacation. In order to know whether your child is listening to you while you are reading, ask questions about what you are reading. Whenever adults are asking children questions, they learn reading and listening skills and they also feel empowered. In fact, start creating a routine for a story-telling time!

3. Give your child educational games that can increase his or her coordination, planning skills, communication skills, general knowledge, and responsibility. Building Blocks is one excellent example of a great game that will help spark your kid's imagination! Not to mention, these games are fun for your kids and will make learning an enjoyable experience as well!

4. Have your child guess the right name of a bird or animal by showing him or her drawings of their figures. Not only will that imagination be stimulated, but this can go a long way in the development of a child's personality as well.

5. Encourage your child to identify the object or animal by the sound they make. For instance, when you say to your little one "what goes beep-beep", you want them to answer with "a car", or "what animal goes woof-woof", you want them to say "a dog"To enhance a child's listening power as well as make him more alert.

6. Tell a story to your child and allow him or her to finish that story! When you allow your child to finish a story that you had started, you both will enjoy storytelling which not only enhances the child's communication skills but is improving that creativity as well!

Now you realize why it is important to spark your child's imagination, and now you have tips to utilize in order to help get those creative juices flowing, so your child can do extremely well in life!